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Unlike most Internet jewelers, at Diamond Design Co. each piece of jewelry is carefully designed and crafted by our in-house jewelers.

Need it wider, smaller, more stones, less stones, a different metal or precious stone, NOT A PROBLEM. Our jewelry is made-to-order-, "made by us for you".

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The Perfect Anniversary Ring

An anniversary ring should commemorate your special relationship and milestone.  Whether it’sCustom Eternity Anniversary Rings your first or fiftieth anniversary, the perfect ring should be made just for you.  My favorite part of this business is helping individuals discover their perfect ring. 

There are many special and unique things you can do to create your own special anniversary ring.  Trust me, she’ll appreciate and cherish the ring you put thought into, so much more then the “out of the case” from your local mall jewelry store.

How to get started

First, think about her style and the jewelry she currently wears.  Will she prefer a prong setting or channel setting?  Gold or Platinum? Round stones or princess cut?

Second, think creatively, how can you make this ring your own?  What anniversary are you commemorating?  Do you have children?  What is her birthstone, your birthstone?  Her favorite stone or color?

From here you can begin to create your special ring.  I worked with a good friend of mine to help him create his special ring.  After answering the above questions we designed a ring for his 15th anniversary, it was a channel set band, with 15 stones, alternating round brilliant diamonds (his birthstone ) and rubies (her birthstone), all set in platinum. 

His wife was more than impressed.  The ring was unique and special, and really represented their relationship.  The thought he put into it made all the difference.

Some other great ideas include, adding the kids birthstones, the number of stones for the number of years, special engraving, an eternity ring to replace the wedding band or a three stone past, present and future ring. 

You don’t have to be a jewelry designer to create something special. Work with our custom design department and watch your ring come to life.  Send an email to to get started.

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