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Unlike most Internet jewelers, at Diamond Design Co. each piece of jewelry is carefully designed and crafted by our in-house jewelers.

Need it wider, smaller, more stones, less stones, a different metal or precious stone, NOT A PROBLEM. Our jewelry is made-to-order-, "made by us for you".

Fine quality jewelry should come with fine quality service

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Color, Life & Fire..... A Diamond's Unique Beauty

To buy something so rare and precious, unbiased and precise standards of comparison are necessary. A diamond shopper must, at a minimum, become acquainted with the industry standard 4Cs (carat, cut, clarity, color) and the basics of diamond grading technologies & approaches.

To understand the true value and pricing of diamonds, we recommend you first investigate the basic 4Cs and understand the underlying "grading" valuation and the concept of quality, cut and price relationships.

Many diamond dealers today provide information on a diamond's grade and offer a price based on that grade. But how do you know that the grade provided by the dealer is unbiased? Before you shop, you must do a few key things...

Please download our diamond guide to get started!

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  1. Learn about diamonds and beyond the 4Cs
  2. Set a budget
  3. Determine the trade-offs between diamond size and quality you are willing to live with
  4. Create a list of at least three merchants (compare product knowledge, customer service, & price).

About Our Diamonds

Our diamond buyer is trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has over 17 years experience in the diamond industry. To ensure the highest quality diamonds for our customers and in our products, prior to mounting we grade each diamond on a Sarin Diamension proportion grading machine and a Gran Colormeter.

The Sarin DiaMension proportion analyzer provides the most accurate evaluation of diamond proportion measurements available today. It is used by GIA, American Gem Society (AGS) and other gemological laboratories to analyze diamond proportions. The Gran colormeter is used to grade color, a key-determining factor of a diamond's beauty and value. Our colormeter is set to strict GIA standards.

All our diamonds (unmounted,larger than .25ct.) come with an Appraisal and Sarin DiaMension Diamond Grade Report from our GIA Diamond Graduate and a full 30-Day return policy. Exchanges for upgrades are also available based on current market conditions. By request, GIA and AGS certifications are also available on all our diamonds for an additional fee.

At Diamond Design Co. we believe that "unbiased" education is key to informed purchases that you'll be satisfied with and appreciate the true value of your investment. Learn more about Diamonds.

Platinum: The most precious of all metals.GOOD AS GOLD? NOT ANYMORE!

Gold — the traditional ring of love and purity, has always been associated with wedding rings, but for the past several years platinum popularity has been on the rise. Call it a trend, a fad; but more and more couples are opting for platinum rings today.

Last year, 40 percent of brides in this country chose platinum, compared with 24 percent in 1998.

Even more rare and pure than gold, platinum offers an unparalleled strength and durability that means it doesn’t need to be alloyed with other metals. Learn More

CAD design for test drive your ring

Test Drive Your Ring

The ultimate in jewelry buying experience. Test drive your ring puts you in the drivers seat. Your ring, your way. Learn More

Jewelry CAD Design System

Advanced Design Technology

Quality you can trust from Diamond Design Co. We make each piece to your exact specifications. See our videos. Learn More