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Welcome to 2012!
If you like challenges, 2012 is promising to be a great year as the Bulls and the Bears battle it out in the stock market, interest rates are dropping again and the housing market struggles to find the bottom.
The Presidential race is also exciting as many are anticipating history will be made with the election of a new president.
You might be surprised to know all these issues affect the jewelry market in interesting ways.  For example, some trends continuing this year that affect jewelry prices are the continuing rise in prices of precious metals, shipping costs (due to price of gasoline), and rising credit card processing fees as Visa and MasterCard increase prices to cover bad debt and new rewards card programs.
At Diamond Design Co. we love a challenge, so this year look for new and exciting changes that will make your jewelry buying experience exceptional!  Our goal is to help you navigate the market and get the value you deserve.

New Jewelry Design Technology

V-Ray Render Technology
Looks real doesn't it? 
Great advancements are being made in the jewelry design software market, giving customers more flexibility to participate in the design process. 
More importantly with new rendering capabilities customers can now really "see" the design prior to making the jewelry.
For example the ring displaying at right is not made yet, this is a concept design for a custom engagement ring for a 2.0ct asscher cut center stone.
As a custom jeweler, Diamond Design Co. has invested in this new technology to better serve our customers. In the near future we'll be adding more video animations of new designs to our web site.  Read more about this new technology.
Please visit our video gallery to learn more or read about how our jewelry is made.
Valentine Day SpecialsNeed a last minute Valentine's Day Gift
Check out our "ready-to-ship" collection for fine quality jewelry gifts at exceptional prices.
Platinum hits all time high! 
A picture is worth a thousand words.
If there is any question about all the chatter about the economy affecting the individual, this is a great example. 
We hear about gold all the time and a flight to "safety" by Rising Platinum Pricesinvestors, but did you know platinum, the most popular metal for fine quality jewelry has been on it's own path to all time highs?
This chart is probably the opposite of the stock market in the last 60 days, so jewelry shoppers are affected in more ways than one, loss of investment value and higher jewelry prices.  The good news is if you own some fine quality pieces, they are now worth more.  Congratulations!
Is there a hot new metal coming to the market, how about palladium?  Jewelers are beginning to explore new creative designs using different metals and alloys.  Learn more.
What's Hot?  Pave Settings!! Pave Five Stone Anniversary Ring
We are getting more and more requests from our clients for pave settings.  So we have added this to some of our most popular designs, such as the five stone shown here.  A beautiful anniversary or wedding band that is unique.
What is pave setting?  Pave setting requires expert hands to set this intricate design.  Pave is not a new setting style, but regaining popularity in anniversary and wedding bands.  A pave set stone is set in the band similar to bezel setting, but beaded, giving the setting a spectacular all diamond look.  It's very delicate and beautiful. 
An expert setter will set each stone by hand using a microscope.  Pave is usually available in one-sided or three-sided (round) settings with miligrain edges to add to the antique look.
Visit our Five Stone Collection for great pave ideas!
Is Blue Nile the New Wal-Mart?   
Is Blue Nile turning into Wal-Mart?  They have been known for squeezing every penny out of their vendors similar to the Wal-Mart reputation, and now they are suing competitor, Yehuda Diamonds, for price comparisons!  
So what are they afraid of?  Yehuda sells clarity enhanced diamonds which of course are much cheaper than natural diamonds.  Don't consumers have the right to choose a lower cost option? It's most interesting because they are not actually selling the same product. 
Stay tuned in how this turns out; it could have a big impact on all Internet diamond retailers.   Learn more about Blue Nile's virtual inventory business model.
Read the complete article Yehuda Vows to Fight Blue Nile
Wishing you and yours all the best in 2012!
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